Happy new year! And welcome to the first entry of our blog! We’ll be posting here every Monday, sharing Nerida’s skincare secrets. She’ll also be answering your questions here every month, so email us if there’s something you’d like to ask her.

We’re kicking things off with an interview with Nerida!

Tell us about the website:
It’s designed to simplify skincare for people so that they can find a regimen that works for them. Being able to educate people about their skin is very important to me, which is how we chose the name of the site.

What’s your own daily skincare routine?
Very simple: I cleanse, apply serum, eye cream, day cream and an SPF 50 sunblock. In the evening, I’ll take off my eye make-up with my cleanser and then double cleanse. Then I apply serum, eye gel and a night moisturizer.

And what’s a typical day like for you?
I get up around 6.45, make breakfast and get my son off to school. Then I go to work at my office or the spa in Beverly Hills. I do treatments on clients all day. Sometimes I get time to eat lunch, sometimes not, but I try to drink water or black coffee throughout the day. I like to have dinner with my kids at least three nights a week, but I’ll often work 12 or 14 hours on the other four days – sometimes I’ll see a client at midnight.

Throughout the day, I reply to comments on my YouTube channel and Instagram, and then I’ll sit down around midnight to answer emails from people asking about their skin.

What questions do you get asked the most?
People ask me a lot about acne. There are so many different forms of acne, from hormonal through to food-related, and I hear from people who have tried lots of things and are still struggling with it.

Is there anything you wish people would ask about more?
It’s shocking the number of people who think they have rosacea, when they don’t. More and more people are coming in with inflammation in the body, which creates a lot of problems – such as heat and ruddiness – but it’s not rosacea. I wish people would ask more about that.

What do you do when you see a new client?
I like to ask people how they feel about their skin and what their concerns are. Then I analyze their skin and tell them what I see and what I can do to make it better. Every treatment is custom-designed to take their skin to the next level. As I’m working on them, I’ll describe what it is I’m doing and talk about what they can do at home.

What’s the one thing everyone should know about skincare?
Cleanse properly! Cleansing sets your skin up to receive your treatment products, such as retinols and AHAs. Choosing the right cleanser and making sure you’re cleansing effectively is so important. We’ll be talking more about that here over the next few weeks.

What else can we look forward to on the blog over the next few months?
Lots of people have asked for updates on the models from my videos – they’re who the kits are named for – so we’ll be following up with them to see how they’re moving forward with their skin and home-care regime. I’m also excited about the monthly Q&A. It means a lot to me to be able to answer people’s questions and help them understand their skin concerns in any way that I can.